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July 28, 2021, Authority Magazine

Edna Golandsky of The Golandsky Institute: 5 Things I Wish Somebody Told Me When I First Became An Artist

The Strad Magazine, July 20, 2021

Pioneer of the Taubman Approach, pianist and pedagogue Edna Golandsky adapted the method with violinist Sophie Till and shares how returning to natural physical alignment can help string players avoid injury.

Fine Tuning: Wellbeing for orchestral musicians

Sophie Till and the Taubman Golandsky approach is featured in an article about the wellbeing of musicians in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra in Classical Music Magazine, October, 2019.

Gramophone Festival Guide 2016 – Gramophone

The Golandsky Institute’s Summer Symposium is listed in Gramophone’s 2016 list of Summer Courses and Festivals.

Your Guide to 2016 Summer Courses and Festivals – Pianist Magazine

The Golandsky Institute’s Summer Symposium is listed in Pianist Magazine’s 2016 list of Summer Courses and Festivals.

Transforming Lives One Student at a Time – Clavier Companion

The Golandsky Institute is featured in Clavier Companion’s blog.

Marywood String Project featured on WVIA television – WVIA

The Marywood University string project is directed by Sophie Till. It is part of the National String Project Consortium.

A Concert by the Man Who Knows Everything About Jazz – The Wall Street Journal

Dick Hyman has recorded upward of 1,000 albums, played with Parker and Gillespie and was said to know more songs than any other jazz musician.

Wei Luo alternates the raw and refined in Princeton recital for Curtis – Philadelphia Inquirer

The summertime campus here is annually overrun with pianists (and a few violinists) when the Golandsky Institute welcomes artists young and old to learn healthy techniques that allow them to play well for as long as they love music. There’s also a piano festival (ending Saturday) showcasing faculty and students expressing themselves without extraneous effort.

Princeton Campus Is Hardly Quiet While Students Are on Summer Break – Town Topics

Once Princeton University’s spring term ended last month, the annual exodus of students left the dormitories, dining halls, and classroom buildings empty – but not for long. Starting in early June, a different crop of pupils began arriving for a slew of summer programs that have kept the campus humming with activity.

Huge International Piano Festival in Princeton Features 15-Year-Old Curtis Student – Philadelphia Magazine

The Golandsky Institute’s International Piano Festival kicked off Sunday in Princeton, and several musicians who are taking part in the seven-day series of concerts have Philadelphia connections.

Classical Music: Golandsky International Piano Festival & Edward T. Cone Institute Concert emanating – The Times of Trenton

Belying conventional wisdom that the dog days of summer are a time to kick back, two New Jersey institutions are about to launch into an intensive week of study and performance. The Golandsky Institute will commence its annual summer symposium and international piano festival on Sunday.  Concerts, lectures, interactive clinics and master classes will continue […]

Music Groups Stirring Up a Summer of Sound – U.S. 1 Newspaper

The summer months of 2015 are blooming, and concerts, festivals, institutes, and individuals are competing for attention. While Princeton is prominent, the offerings reflect a region ripe with artistry. And simultaneously scheduled programs will challenge concertgoers to choose between appealing happenings.

A New On Demand Classical Musical Service – Philadelphia Magazine

It’s a new streaming, free, on-demand program called Living the Classical Life, and it features world-class artists talking about their craft. What makes it quite interesting to us here at Ticket is that there are so many connections to Philadelphia in the series, and serves as a testament that the City of Brotherly Love is […]

Handle With Care – International Piano Magazine

Dorothy Taubman’s methodology – which teaches how to make music without fatigue, pain or injury – has transformed pianists’ lives the world over. The Taubman Approach has undergone scientific validation studies and emerged as ‘the only movement retraining approach with any non-anecdotal evidence of efficacy with regard to repetitive stress injuries.’

An Evening of Piano Concertos Featured Four Artists From The Golandsky Institute – Town Topics

For eleven years, a musical treasure has been taking place in Princeton in the summer. The Golandsky Institute has been presenting a symposium and International Piano Festival each summer, training artists in a specific technique known as the Taubman Approach, which develops virtuosity while preventing the injuries affecting highly-accomplished players. As part of the symposium, […]

In Princeton, no sign of piano conformity – The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Golandsky Institute’s annual International Piano Festival, in its concert with the New Jersey Symphony, demonstrated that its methods, which promote injury-free pianism, don’t produce conformity. It’s a valid concern. Sharp-eared music lovers can often identify students of a particular teacher without knowing the player’s resumé. But on Thursday at Richardson Auditorium, Golandsky mainstays Ilya […]

Golandsky Institute brings top pianists to Princeton – The Times of Trenton

For the Golandsky Institute, fine tuning begins not with musical instruments, but with the musicians themselves.

Rare Repertoire Showcased During Golandsky Institute Summer Symposium – International Piano

Pianists from around the globe are preparing to gather at this year’s Golandsky Institute International Piano Festival at Princeton University, New Jersey. The festival takes place on 13-19 July and includes a special event featuring four piano concertos in one concert. [Copyright International Piano. PDF used with permission. All rights reserved.]

The Golandsky Institute helps musicians reach their highest potential – Clavier Companion

Through educational programs, professional collaborations, continued research and multi-media publications, the Golandsky Institute seeks to raise the awareness of the musical community and the public at large to the problems musicians face and the solutions available to them.

Recovery of the Artist: Keeping performers off the PT table and on the stage – The Harvard Crimson

It’s well known that sports-related injuries can devastate athletes’ careers as well as their bodies. When a famous athlete is felled by an injury, the story is likely to receive considerable publicity. But less publicized are the equally grave struggles faced by performers to maintain their health and rehabilitate their bodies following performance-related injuries.

Miranda Cuckson – violinist with verve – GetClassical

As part of this year’s Golandsky Institute’s Summer Symposium and International Piano Festival at Princeton, violinist/violist Miranda Cuckson appeared on stage with pianist Yegor shevtsov at the lecture of eminent composer, princeton’s own Steven Mackey, and the evening’s concert performance.

Unvarnished music-making from pianist Shevtsov – The Philadelphia Inquirer

…the Taubman Approach – the method championed by the institute’s Edna Golandsky to promote ease of execution – seems not to encourage any sort of pianistic uniformity among its disciples. The best known among them, pianist and Golandsky faculty member Ilya Itin, is known for a lean sheen that was nowhere to be heard Tuesday […]

Golandsky Institute kicks off 10th annual piano festival – The Times of Trenton

The Golandsky Institute is the preeminent center for the Taubman Approach, which emphasizes natural movement and healthy technique to minimize pain and repetitive stress injury in musicians. The method was pioneered by Dorothy Taubman, who died on April 3 at the age of 95. Edna Golandsky co-founded the Taubman Institute in 1976. Its success led […]

Piano Festival Brings Summer Symposium and Sounds to Princeton – U.S. 1 Newspaper

The Golandsky Institute’s 10th annual Summer Symposium and International Piano Festival opens in Princeton on Sunday, July 14, and continues through Saturday, July 20, with a week of educational programs, professional collaborations, and public presentations. The institute was established in 2003 to provide musicians with a foundation to realize fuller artistic expression, develop and expand […]

The Golandsky Institute International Piano Festival 10th Anniversary Concert Season – Penn Encore Journal

The Golandsky Institute International Piano Festival announces its tenth anniversary concert season, July 14 – July 20, 2013, at the Berlind Theatre, McCarter Theatre Center, and Richardson Auditorium, Princeton University.

Golandsky Institute to host International Piano Festival – Mercerspace

The institute will present a series of six recitals from July 14 through 20 featuring internationally acclaimed pianists from Russia, China, Ukraine, Panama and the U.S.

Clavier Companion Ad Feature: The Golandsky Institute – Clavier Companion

This morning we are happy to highlight The Golandsky Institute, which is preparing for its tenth annual Summer Symposium at Princeton University this summer, July 13 – 21, 2013.

Let’s Get Physical: Technique. Edna Golandsky on Taubman Technique – Clavier Companion

The forearm is the key to everything. We need it to help the fingers and initiate movements. It’s all very small movements, small muscles, small support. The question is: what do you need to put down a key to make the act of playing and the sound really secure? It doesn’t take much weight. But […]

Training Musical Athletes How to Stay Healthy – The New York Times

As repetitive-stress injuries worsen, musicians turn to physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, surgery and cortisone injections for relief, but problems often recur. For many, pain becomes the norm, and careers are curtailed. Rachmaninoff, Schumann, Artur Schnabel, Glenn Gould, Gary Graffman and Leon Fleisher are among the prominent sufferers. While many artists accept discomfort as inevitable, Ms. […]

Back at the piano, loving it: Grant allows Santa Cruz woman to attend to Princeton symposium – Mercury News

Kidder stopped playing piano around 25 years ago due to mercury poisoning she experienced from her dental work. The ordeal was debilitating, leading to chronic fatigue and loss of cognitive skills […] Kidder had the fillings removed and underwent neuro-linguistic reprogramming, which ultimately led her back to the piano.

Golandsky Institute Piano Festival performers attest to effectiveness of diagnostic approach – The Times of Trenton

Golandsky employs the Taubman Approach, conceived by Dorothy Taubman, to analyze and overcome limitations imposed by an unhealthy technique. Practice may make perfect, but if a pianist’s methods push the body in unnatural ways, the repetitive stress can lead to pain and even injury.

Meet Llewellyn, Your Typical Teenage Genius – U.S. 1 Newspaper

Having studied with Taubman/Golandsky teachers for three years, pianist Sanchez-Werner gives his own reaction to the system. “It improves the way you move and helps increase your fluidity,” he says. “It helps your sound. You can control every little detail and prevent injury. It helps you decipher the code of the composer.”

Treatment for dystonia in musicians – Fox News

Coiley suffered from dystonia, a movement disorder that causes involuntary contractions of the muscles. So she turned to the Golandsky Institute in New York City. Artistic director Edna Golandsky, has been teaching the Taubman approach for 40 years, which is a technique that corrects hand injuries and helps musicians avoid further injury.

Golandsky master class to offer new approach to piano – The Chautauquan Daily

Whether it is with the Taubman Approach or one of those little tricks of the trade, Golandsky said, she does what she does simply because she loves helping people.

The Golandsky Institute – Culture & Heritage

Entering its seventh year this July, the Golandsky Institute will present the Summer Symposium and International Piano Festival at Princeton University. Here, pianists, teachers, and students will experience the works of great composers and deepen their understanding of the art of piano playing.

Classical music interview: Teenage pianist Joseph Hauer discusses his life – The Well-Tempered Ear

I went to the Golandsky Institute Summer Symposium at Princeton University in 2008 to learn the Taubman Techniques for piano. The technique had me playing more freely within the first couple of days and I’ve continued to study and implement the technique so that my playing will eventually be completely effortless.

A Workshop on the Taubman Approach Set for February 6 at the Univ. of the Arts (Philadelphia) – allaboutjazz.com

Hailed as a major innovation in piano pedagogy, the Taubman Approach is based on the analysis of the subtle motions that lie beneath a virtuoso technique. Many pianists have found that practicing according to the knowledge gained from this analysis has enabled them to play with greater expressive freedom. Many have also found relief from […]

Edna Golandsky: The Art of Rhythmic Expression – allaboutjazz.com

The Art of Rhythmic Expression is a three-DVD set featuring lectures given by Edna Golandsky at Princeton University in the summer of 2004. The lectures represent the next chapter in the presentation of the Taubman approach to piano performance. In a previously released 10-volume video set from the Taubman Institute, Golandsky presented the foundational principles […]

Crafting the Well-Tempered Pianist: Testimonials About the Taubman Approach (Part 2) – Blog Critics

Gabriela Montero, star pianist at President Obama’s Inauguration, recently told me when I met her at the bar of the Charles Hotel in Boston: “In 1995, I was invited to perform at the original Taubman Institute at Amherst College, and became familiar with Edna Golandsky’s work. I consider Edna to be a brilliant mind, with […]

Crafting The Well-Tempered Pianist: Introducing the Taubman Approach (Part 1) – Blog Critics

According to Golandsky, the bottom line of Taubman’s approach is getting the pianist out of pain and removing limitations.

Concert Review: A Prokofiev Evening, Richardson Auditorium, Princeton, NJ, July 17 – Blog Critics

Russian pianist and Leeds Gold Medalist Ilya Itin began the performance with the world premiere of Sergei Prokofiev’s “Music for Athletes,” followed by “Peter and the Wolf” and “Piano Sonata No. 7,” and the audience, enchanted by Itin’s talent and charm, was as elevating to observe as was the stage. The historic impact of being […]

Repetitive Stress Injuries – NJN Public Television

Repetitive Stress Injuries are often associated with office workers and gamers, but it also affects pianists and now there is a new method developed to help prevent it.

Athletic Proportions – TimeOFF

On July 17, Prokofiev’s “Music for Athletes” will receive its long-deserved world premiere during the Golandsky Institute International Piano Festival at Princeton University. Simon Morrison, professor of music at the university and an expert in Russian and French music, restored the score with permission of the Sergei Prokofiev Estate and the Russian State Archive of […]

Pain Is Pain, On Keys Or Keyboard – U.S. 1 Newspaper

The Taubman approach. There are three basic principles behind the Taubman approach — alignment, balance, and movement — but they all start with alignment. Natural alignment starts with sitting straight and comfortable, meaning that you should not be stretching, straining, or reaching for anything. 

88 Keys in Heaven: A Week of Piano Concerts – U.S. 1 Newspaper

For the seventh time the Golandsky Institute returns to Princeton offering participants a week-long immersion in healthy piano playing, following the practices of Dorothy Taubman, and offering the Princeton community a series of evening concerts. Edna Golandsky, founder and artistic director of the organization, and a Taubman student, has turned Taubman’s discoveries into a year-round […]

Pianist strives to find the music’s poetry – The Star-Ledger

Fest offers variety of programs (with a touch of jazz) – The Times

Sound Approach – TimeOFF

A Piano Festival Adds in Cello and Voice – U.S. 1 Newspaper

A Memorable Performance by a Russian Pianist – Alejandro Fernández

The Russian pianist Ilya Itin won over the audience with his performance of works by Haydn, Prokofiev and Beethoven. The most notable performance of the evening was the Sonata #8.

Turkish pianist impresses – The Star-Ledger

Long Ago and Far Away – TimeOFF

Realizing Bach’s ultimate power: A pianist with a higher purpose – The Star-Ledger

World Class Pianists In Our Own Backyard – U.S. 1 Newspaper

French connections: Poetic art songs evoke powerful emotions, then leave ‘em laughing – The Star-Ledger

Jazz Trio – U.S. 1 Newspaper

Golandsky Festival To End Week Here With Three Concerts – Town Topics

Festival Finishers – Town Topics

Piano fest in Princeton – The Star-Ledger

Golandsky Institute Sets Its Symposium Schedule – Town Topics

Obedient Student – TimeOFF

Pulitzer Prize-winning pianist Yehudi Wyner, an adherent of the Taubman Approach, will perform at the Golandsky International Piano Festival in Princeton. 

Piano Festival Releases Schedule of 6 Concerts – Town Topics

For the Piano Enthusiast, a Week in Piano Heaven – U.S. 1 Newspaper

Pulitzer Prize Winning Pianist To Perform In Princeton – Town Topics

2006 Golandsky Institute Summer Symposium and International Piano Festival – American Music Teacher

Review: The Art of Rhythmic Expression – Clavier Companion

The Golandsky Institute Discovery Series: the Art of Rhythmic Expression – American Music Teacher

A Brief Survey of Piano Teaching DVDs: The Art of Rhythmic Expression – EPTA Reviews

The Golandsky Institute has recently released a three-DVD set by the piano doyenne Edna Golandsky, documenting masterclasses at Princeton University in 2004. The Art of Rhythmic Expression continues where the previous collection of ten VMS from the Taubman Institute ended, with Golandsky showing both expertise and warmth in her practical demonstrations. The production quality is […]

Pianists Create Sound Without Keyboards – The Star Ledger

Arciuli and Steinbach were taking a break from the parade of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Haydn being offered by other performers this week. Tuesday’s program was dedicated entirely to the keyboard works of composer George Crumb, who attended the performance.

Technique Lets Pianists Avert Pain – Star Ledger

Pianist Edna Golandsky’s job, as she sees it, is to make sure that, among all the reasons a promising young pianist might fail, physical injury or repetitive stress injury is not one of them.

Musical Iconoclasts – TimeOFF

Envisoning a week of advanced study in the Taubman Approach, as well as a number of eloquent piano performances, Ms. Golandsky is presenting the Golandsky Institute 2005 Summer Symposium and International Piano Festival at Princeton University July 17-23. The event returns to Princeton after a successful week in Princeton last summer, and brings together stellar […]

Yamaha Instruments Used to Help Rehabilitate Injured Pianists

The Golandsky Institute instructs musicians in ways to overcome technical limitations and how to recover from playing-related injuries.