Gifted pianists who have been immersed in the work for some time and are committed to becoming certified teachers of the Taubman Approach often require financial aid for the numerous lessons and travel necessary to become an effective teacher and to achieve certification in the rigorous Golandsky Institute Professional Training Program. The support they receive from scholarships is invaluable for both the recipient and the lives they touch as they go on to share their knowledge.

A scholarship recipient, ‪Hugo Bermúdez Ledesma says:

“After the Taubman Approach saved me from a life of pain while playing the piano, I knew I wanted to devote my life to helping other people avoid this situation and to help people get out of an injury if they already have it.

The generous scholarships have played an enormous role in me being able to achieve certification and continue developing my skills as a teacher. The impact of having this mentorship system is beyond words. It has made a world of difference for my students who benefit the most from the pedagogical skills and training that I received thanks to the scholarship.”

Physical motions are at the heart of the Taubman Approach, making in-person interactions essential for a true understanding of the work. With the intensive path involved with the Golandsky Institute Professional Training Program, there is a need for in-person sessions which involve careful planning and work.

The community around the Golandsky Institute continues to grow as more and more pianists realize the importance of the Taubman Approach. With increasing requests to connect, share, and discuss matters about the work with others, the Golandsky Institute plans to answer this call by introducing an online community forum where members can post questions or start conversations about the Taubman Approach.

With a continuous need to set up children for success, the Golandsky Institute is committed to providing proper training and information in order to teach children effectively. With the launch of Taubman for Children, the Golandsky Institute aims to devote more resources to enrich this important area of pedagogy.

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