Ygal Sebban

Music has always played a profound role in Ygal Sebban’s life ever since he listened to a recording of the Mozart K. 475 Fantasy Sonata as a young child. The experience was transformative, opening up a world of beauty and healing to him that exists beyond words.

Pursuing a career as an economist and financier has enabled Ygal to maintain his lifelong love of music. Ygal has studied with highly regarded teachers, most notably Tal Swarc in Tel Aviv who also introduced him to the Feldenkrais approach with its focus on movement with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. Tal Swarc also opened Ygal’s eyes to the rewards of process, both as the journey and the destination itself. Ygal has also had the privilege of studying with many esteemed pianists and teachers including Ludmila Berlinskaya, Fabrizio Chiovetta and Paul Coker. Ygal has been exposed to the Taubman Approach for many years, participating in the Summer Symposium of the Golandsky Institute and studying more recently with Edna Golandsky.

Edna Golandsky has revealed a hidden landscape to Ygal filled with refined technical tools and insights that have opened up new avenues for him to express his musicality and solve pianistic challenges.