Win a free flight to New York City!

Win a complimentary round trip flight to NYC from any city in the US. Each raffle ticket will cost $50 for 1 and $200 for 5. Every person that buys more than one raffle ticket will be entered automatically to win three months of free access to Golandsky Streaming. The last day to purchase a raffle ticket will be July 1, 2016.


At the first of each month (April 1, May 1, June 1), those who already purchased a ticket will be considered for an early-bird prize—$100 gift certificate to a restaurant in a major US city. You will be notified if you won. The complete list of winners will be published on the Golandsky Institute website, Facebook, and Twitter on July 2, 2016.


The Golandsky Institute celebrates the diversity of human experience and artistic expression. Each summer at Princeton University, Summer Symposium participants from many different countries and backgrounds learn the technical craft and art of music making through the Taubman Approach.

Over the past 13 years, donations have been made to a Scholarship Fund to help musicians from all over the world study at the Golandsky Institute Summer Symposium.

We need your help to raise money for this Scholarship Fund. Money raised from this raffle will be used to extend the Institute’s mission by offering scholarship opportunities to pianists and string players alike.

Congratulations to:

Imran Saleem – April drawing of a $100 gift certificate!

Cheryl Florin – May drawing of a $100 gift certficate!

Jami Crane – June drawing of a $100 gift certificate!

Sean Duggan – July drawing of a $50 gift certificate!

Tahmeena Khan – July drawing of a $50 gift certificate!

Randy Bridges – July drawing of a $50 gift certificate!

Leigh Trunslow – July drawing of a $50 gift certificate!