Why wait until it hurts?

Do you experience tightness, pain, or limitations to your playing? Learn a practical step-by-step approach to solving your pain or preventing it from happening. Edna Golandsky invites pianists and string players to the Summer Symposium at Princeton University (July 9-16, 2017) who seek a solution to their playing-related pain/injury or wishing to prevent it.

To learn more about the Taubman Approach as referenced in this video, attend the one-week Summer Symposium and International Piano Festival at Princeton University, July 9-16, 2017. This rare opportunity allows pianists and string players to examine the body of work known as the Taubman Approach, presented by expert faculty who have studied directly with Mrs. Taubman and Edna Golandsky. Learn more about the Summer Symposium and register before April 15 to save $50 on registration.