Update from Turkish Workshops on the Taubman Approach

I am in Izmir giving a workshop at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center. It’s a beautiful and modern facility that opened 7 years ago. The hall where I am teaching is gorgeous. The participants have been very enthusiastic and the level of playing quite high.
I just finished 2 days of lectures, technique clinics and private lessons. And in between have been having delicious meals with friends. Deren Eryilmaz who many of you know, and Seniz Duru who is a full Professor at the conservatory here have been instrumental in setting everything up. Both were at our Summer Symposium in Princeton last summer.
One of my sessions at the university in Izmir was to help participants who suffered from pain and discomfort due to faulty habits when writing and typing. They responded beautifully. Two of them were 11 and 14 and incredibly smart. Their parents contacted me later asking for information about participating at our July Summer Symposium at Princeton. I am now in Istanbul completing 3 days of workshops with participants from Germany, Vienna, Switzerland, Lebanon, and Turkey. A great and responsive group!
Below is a photo of students who attended my workshop at MIAM University in Istanbul.