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Symposium Morning Activities

Daily Presentations

Participant LevelTopicDescriptionPresenters
Level 1The Building Blocks of the Taubman ApproachFor newcomersJohn Bloomfield, Robert Durso, and Mary Moran
Level 2Exploration of how various elements of the Taubman Approach are integrated in specific passagesFor returning participants and those already familiar with the Taubman Approach. Following a discussion of the passage, there will be interactive breakout groups where participants get hands-on attention from faculty members.Deborah Cleaver, Elizabeth Swarthout, Yoriko Fieleke, and Brenna Berman
Level 3Preparing the Next Generation of Expert Taubman TeachersSpecial Daily Sessions for Certification Program ParticipantsEdna Golandsky

Technique Clinics

Small interactive sessions, where participants are invited to bring their own passage problems for discussion. All participants will be in technique clinics.These daily sessions are conducted by faculty members.

Presentations For All

Lecture on Consistency vs. Practicality: Pianists have a general tendency to use the same choreography for similar passages. Sometimes this works well, but other times it may cause unanticipated awkwardness. In this presentation, learn how a practical evaluation of context can lead to the most efficient choices when wrapping your hands around the complexities of a passage.John Bloomfield
Analyzing Brahms Intermezzo, Op.117 No.1: Many aspects of the Taubman Approach are necessary for performing and teaching this popular Brahms Intermezzo without tension, especially tension from stretching. Mary Moran will discuss many of Dorothy Taubman’s interpretive ideas for creating drama, along with the technical steps necessary for beautiful voicing, balance and ease in this piece.Mary Moran
Exploring Chopin Etude Op.25 No.12: Often nicknamed the “Ocean Etude”, Robert Durso will discuss the various technical issues and how the Taubman Approach gives a clear and orderly way to practice and perform this work. Rather than a series of tips and tricks, Mr. Durso will create a “grid of skills” for developing the most efficient practice session.Robert Durso

Symposium Afternoon Activities

Master classes with Senior Faculty and guestsSenior Faculty and guests, Ilya Itin and Sean Duggan
Problem Solving SessionsEdna Golandsky
Preparing the Next Generation of Expert Taubman TeachersTBD
Resolving Issues with Computer Typing and Mobile PhonesEdna Golandsky
Childrens’ Pedagogy SessionsMary Moran