Hugo Bermúdez

  • Master LevelPiano
  • Level of CertificationMaster Level, March 2024
  • Taubman TeacherEdna Golandsky
  • MentorEdna Golandsky
  • Educational Background- Bachelor Of Music (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Mexico). - Masters Degree in Musical Interpretation and Investigation (Valencia International University, Spain). - Master Level Certification in the Taubman Approach (The Golandsky Institute). - Certified Somatic Excercises Instructor (Somatic Movement Center®, USA). - Biomechanics and Motor Learning (Resistance Institute, Spain).

Contact Info:

  • Also available on Skype
  • Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.

Inspired by his personal history overcoming serious injury through the Taubman Approach, Hugo Bermúdez decided to dedicate his life to helping pianists solve their physical problems at the piano. He has helped many pianists from over 18 different countries to succesfully recover from difficult injuries such as very chronic cases of tendinitis, cubital tunnel syndrome and focal dystonia, enabling them not only to have pain-free piano playing, but to develop a high level, effortless and expressive technique.

As the first certified hispanic Taubman Approach teacher, he has the mission of making this work more accesible to the spanish speaking world, having created the project “Taubman en Español”, were he has put spanish subtitles to YouTube videos from both The Golandsky Institute’s channel and Edna Golandsky’s channel. He also creates original content in spanish about the Taubman Approach.

Through the study of motor learning, observational learning and Richard Mayer’s “Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning”, he has also developed effective strategies for teaching and learning the Taubman Approach online as part of his Masters degree thesis, which was described by the jury as “outstanding” and “groundbreaking”.

Always looking to learn as much as possible, Hugo is also a certified Somatic Excercises Instructor (SMC®, USA), a form of neuromuscular retraining that helps to get rid of unconscious muscle tension patterns in the body and improve movement quality. He has also studied Biomechanics and Motor Learning in “Resistance Institute” (Spain).