Basic Alignment and Rotation (Student Edition, DIGITAL PDF)


Basic Alignment and Rotation (Student Edition)

DIGITAL PDF for download


by Mary Moran

Beginning Piano Lessons in The Taubman Approach, Book 1 Basic Alignment and Rotation is an introduction to the basic principles of the Taubman Approach and a step by step guide to teaching them. This book is intended for people beginning to play the piano as well as those intermediate and advanced students who need clarification about the beginning steps of the Taubman Approach.

It shows proper seating at the piano which includes correct seat height and proper alignment of the fingers, hand and forearm in preparation for playing the piano.  It develops a sense of what it means to be in alignment on each finger when playing a note and to be in the correct balance on each finger at the keyboard.  This book also introduces the study of forearm rotation, the forearm movement which provides the freedom and strength needed to assist the fingers in playing the piano.

The visual component of learning is very powerful and can substantially shorten the time it takes to learn the material in this book.  The book also contains over 20 piano pieces in addition to a supplementary repertoire index.

64 pages, black and white pictures, digital PDF