Jazz Great Danilo Pérez Triumphs the Taubman Approach

The New York Times just ran a fascinating article about jazz legend and Grammy-winning pianist Danilo Pérez. He just opened a jazz club (a long time dream of his) located in the uber-trendy Ace Hotel in Casco Viejo, Panama. Mr. Pérez has also been a big champion of the Taubman Approach for years. Read below what both he and our founder Edna Golandsky say about their mutual respect for each other.

(Pictured: Danilo Pérez with Edna Golandsky)

Before I met Edna I always had to warm up. Now I can sit at the piano and just go. I never get uncomfortable or tired. Even when I am away from the piano, when I come back I can play right away. I understand how to get every color be it singing, percussive or anything in between.

This education should be taught worldwide. It should be a part of every educational system from early on so pianists can develop to their utmost potential.

It makes playing the piano so easy.

It has also made me a much better listener to the degree that I can help the tuner do a better job with the different pianos that I perform on. I am so aware now of the evenness of the keys and of the sound.

Edna Golandsky’s work with the Taubman method allowed me to reflect and learn as a musician – she woke up my awareness of the subtleties and beauties of tone-production.


Danilo Pérez is that rare combination of a person who is a great musician, great humanist and great educator. I have known him for 15 years and continue to marvel at his deep passion and commitment to improving the lives of young, often underprivileged people, using music as a tool. His love and generosity move all who come in contact with him deeply.