If you miss out on Berkeley, you’ll miss out on a whole lot!

Golandsky Institute Summer Symposium
at University of California, Berkeley

The 2019 Golandsky Institute Summer Symposium at University of California, Berkeley, will offer lectures, master classes, technique clinics, and other presentations by Edna Golandsky and the Institute’s expert faculty, all of whom have undergone years of rigorous training to qualify as teachers of the Taubman Approach. The performers and pedagogues of the Golandsky Institute’s faculty work with pianists, teachers, and musicians of all ages!

Here is just a taste of what to expect:

Robert Durso will explore musical and technical ideas in the Brahms Intermezzi Op.118 Nos. 1 and 2.

He will discuss how the Taubman Approach brings out the beauty of tone and necessary phrasing. You will leave with a clear strategy for playing and teaching this beautiful work!

How Variations in Pattern Can Affect Fingering and Choreography

When passages are similar we often assume they should be handled in the same way. However, slight contrasts from one situation to another may require different considerations for complete ease and success. John Bloomfield will use many examples from the repertoire to illustrate this interesting point.

Fingering Considerations in Beethoven’s Piano Music

Fingering in the Taubman Approach is based on fundamental principles. As we approach the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, Mary Moran will use examples of his music to illustrate these fundamental principles and give you a head start on teaching and performing his music in 2020.