March 2024 Golandsky Institute Advanced Workshop


This workshop is for those in the certification program, those interested in the program, and those who have been studying this work for some time and would like to deepen their understanding. Participation is required in order to stay in the Certification Program. Please be advised that because the Advanced Workshop on Saturday, March 2, 2024 is specifically tailored to those advanced in the Taubman Approach, the recording of this workshop will only be made available to registrants for 3 months and WILL NOT be posted to Golandsky Streaming in the future.


All times are in Eastern Time

A Handful of Interesting Situations, Part 1

John Bloomfield

  • Avoiding Confusion When Shapes Are Not the Same
  • Using Fingering to Minimize Other Elements of Choreography
  • Managing Potentially Crowded Fingering in the Turnaround Position
  • Managing a Chord to Put 4 and 5 at the Best Advantage for an Ornament

Working with Transfer Students

Mary Moran

How to introduce and integrate concepts of the Taubman Approach to transfer students who may not be interested in adopting new ideas. Mary Moran will discuss methods, approaches and different levels of repertoire that will appeal to this type of student.

Teaching Repeated Notes and Repeated Chords

Edna Golandsky

Edna will offer strategies for successful implementation in quick and slow passages, concentrating on both the technical and musical aspects.

How to help Prioritize and Organize Learning “There is Just So Much to Think About and Master!!!”

Robert Durso

  • Sometimes even gifted students can find it difficult to organize their practice using the Taubman Approach.
  • Robert Durso will break down the Chopin Waltz op. 42 into a framework to help maximize practice results.