Golandsky Institute Seminar at Chapel Hill, NC


Edna Golandsky will be presenting various aspects of the Taubman Approach in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in two one-day seminars, on February 15 and 16, 2020. This seminar is open to professionals, teachers, students, and amateurs.

Each of the one-day seminars will include:

  • Lectures on the Taubman Approach
    • Saturday: Preventing and curing injuries – root causes and solutions
    • Sunday: The technical basis for tone production and musical expression
  • Master classes, to resolve technical and/or musical aspects of the work
  • Problem-solving sessions, where participants can bring technical and musical passage problems
  • A Saturday night concert, free to all seminar participants
  • The opportunity for 30- or 60-minute individual private lessons with Ms. Golandsky on Monday and Tuesday immediately after the seminar as time permits.
  • An introduction to the Taubman Approach for local participants: the viewing of selections from Golandsky Institute DVDs on February 9, 2020.

Seminar schedule, fees, lodging information, location, concert information, and registration information will follow shortly. In the meantime, fill out a preliminary registration form to indicate your interest.

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