Boston Workshop 2018


Join Golandsky Institute Senior Director Robert Durso and Lecturing Faculty Yoriko Fieleke for a weekend workshop at Boston University. The workshop will feature informative presentations and hands-on problem solving sessions. Robert Durso will also provide intensive training for students and teachers of the Taubman Approach in an open lesson format for diagnosis and proper implementation of the technique. 
 UPDATE: This workshop is currently sold out. Email to be placed on the waiting list.

Location: Boston University, School of Music, Boston, MA

For more information please email Yoriko Fieleke at

Program changes/substitution may be made without notice

Saturday, June 23 9:30 AM Registration and morning coffee
10 AM “The Intrinsic and Extrinsic Nature of Piano Technique and How It Relates to the Taubman Approach” followed by “Overview of the Taubman Approach and Its Effect in Treating Playing-Related Injuries” – Robert Durso
12 PM Lunch
1:30 PM “Optimizing Your Practice: How Taubman Approach Enhances Mindful Practice” – Yoriko Fieleke
1:30 PM ROOM 156 (concurrent to Yoriko’s lecture): 45 minute Private Lessons with Robert Durso. (Priority will be given to new students.)
2:30 PM Problem Solving Sessions with Yoriko Fieleke
3:30 PM Break
3:45 PM Presentation by Barbara Banacos TBA
4:30 PM Open Lesson with Robert Durso with Q&A
Sunday, June 24 9:30 AM Morning Coffee
10 AM “Clarifying the Role of the Fingers in Training and Integrating the Taubman Approach” – Robert Durso
11:20 AM Open Lesson with Robert Durso: Diagnosis and Correct Implementation of the Taubman Approach for the Students of the Taubman Approach
12 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Open Lesson with Robert Durso (continued)
1:30 PM ROOM 156 (concurrent to Robert’s lecture): 45 minute Private Lessons with Yoriko Fieleke. (Priority is given to new students.)
4:30 PM Q&A Session

Please register early. Spaces are being filled quickly.

  • $195 for the weekend​ to attend (includes enrollment fee)
  • $135 for Saturday or Sunday only​ (includes enrollment fee)
  • $50 enrollment fee is non-refundable.

A full refund less the enrollment fee will be given if cancelled by June 9th. No refunds after June 9th.

There will be a ​$40 additional charge ​for playing in the 20 minute​ ​“Problem Solving Session” (for students new to the Taubman Approach) or in one of the “Open Lessons” (for experienced students).

  • If you are attending the whole weekend AND playing in the 20 minute session there is no additional charge (a total of $195).
  • If you are attending just for one day on Saturday or Sunday AND playing in the 20 minute session there will be a $40 extra charge (a total of $175).
  • If you are playing in a 20 min session AND NOT attending the workshop there will be a $40 charge only.
  • If a student is under the age of 16 and is only playing in a 20 min session (not attending the workshop) the parent is allowed to stay free of charge.

$145 extra for a 45 minute private lesson​ (priority will be given to new students.)

*Please email Yoriko Fieleke at ​yfieleke [at]​ to reserve a 20 minute “Problem Solving Session” (new students), 20 minute “Open Lesson” (Taubman students), or 45 minute private lesson (priority given to the new students). ​These spaces will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. There will be a waitlist in case of cancellation.

Recording is ONLY allowed for the student’s own session/lesson and should not be published without the teacher’s permission.

To Register please email ​yfieleke [at]​ and include the following information.

  • Name, address & phone number
  • Educational background and name of the current teacher (optional)

Please send your payments to a PayPal account under ​yfieleke [at]​. For those who prefer to mail a check please email Yoriko Fieleke at ​yfieleke [at]​ for the mailing address.

Participants will receive location, parking and restaurant information closer to the date.

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