Brenda Hunting

I met Therese Milanovic at the first MTAQ workshop she presented on the Taubman Approach five and half years ago. After living with pain and limitation for thirty years due to playing related injuries sustained during tertiary music studies (impacting everyday life and severely limiting my ability to play), I was excited by the glimmer of hope that her workshop offered me. When I embarked upon lessons with Therese soon after that workshop, I had no idea how dramatic the changes would be.

Retraining my technique was challenging and at times confronting, but also exciting as each new breakthrough occurred and pain and fatigue began to disappear. Practice once again became a joyful part of my life, but it was very different to the practice I had done so many years before. My learning became much more focussed and the results far more secure using the techniques of the Taubman Approach.  I began to play repertoire that had been on my ‘wish list’ since university days but which I had thought would never be accessible to me. My tone quality improved dramatically and I found I had much more control over the colours that I wanted to achieve, along with a new ease and freedom at the keyboard. 

Therese was also able to offer me assistance with the pain I experienced in everyday life. She made changes to the way I use the computer, resulting in a dramatic improvement in pain levels. Applying Taubman principles to other activities which are not so obviously related to piano playing, such as cooking and cleaning, also brought about improvements. 

My lessons with Therese have transformed and reinvigorated my teaching as well as my playing. Her excellent teaching and mentoring have given me the tools to diagnose the cause/s of my students’ problems and offer practical solutions. I am thrilled that through working with Therese, I have been accepted into the Golandsky Institute pedagogy certification program. 

Therese is not only an inspiring teacher and mentor, but also an excellent workshop presenter. I cannot recommend her highly enough.