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If you can’t make it to the Golandsky Institute Boston Workshop, you can now register to watch the video online!

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* A link to the video and PDF files of the music examples will be sent to registrants after the workshop has completed and the video has been uploaded. This is NOT a live stream of the workshop.

JUNE 22-23, 2019
Golandsky Institute Boston Workshop
at Tufts University

Presentations at the Boston Workshop:

Robert Durso

“Physical and Musical Shaping, the unifying element!”

The Taubman Approach to physical shaping will be explained, analyzed and applied to a variety of passages from the intermediate to advanced repertoire. The musical results will be demonstrated to show the variety of nuances available when shaping is incorporated into a pianist’s playing.

“Fascinating Musical and Technical Points of Brahms Op.118”

Robert Durso will discuss how to use the Taubman Approach to help bring out the beauty of tone and necessary phrasing required.

“Open Lesson”

Robert Durso will provide diagnosis and correct implementation of the Taubman Approach to many Taubman students.

Yoriko Fieleke

“Introducing Interdependence of the Hands using 3 Scriabin Preludes”

3 Scriabin Preludes will be used to illustrate Taubman principles such as rotation, in & out and shaping in relationship to each hand. Voicing between the hands will also be discussed.

“Problem Solving Sessions with the New Students”

Barbara Banacos

“Building a Foundation for Coordinate Technique”

Barbara Banacos will discuss key elements of the Taubman Approach that raise one’s awareness and ability to play with more ease and control at the piano. The talk will cover examples from piano literature at varied levels of difficulty.