Renna Whittredge Pye, M.D.

I went to Edna in September of 2010 at the suggestion of an old friend who is a Juilliard faculty member. The previous summer I had attempted to prepare two movements of a Brahms trio to participate in Apple Hill summer chamber music workshop, and I had run into difficulty with forearm pain. My friend insisted that if I wanted to progress to this level of playing and learn to play well without injuries, I really needed to go see Edna. She immediately put me at ease and gave me very specific guidance which transformed my playing over the course of the year. I had approached her looking for technical adjustment; I wound up with a deeply transformed relation to my instrument and a revived delight in playing. What a pleasure and gift to have the benefit of Edna’s unerring analytical mind, great attention to detail, fine musical and technical instincts, and lovely sense of humor.

This summer, I performed a Mendelssohn piano quartet – fast movement and all – with flourish and enjoyment. I am now pain-free, and the skills I’ve acquired over the past two years with Edna have allowed me to progress to a new level.

Renna Whittredge Pye, MD