Janine Byrne

Hi John: 

First of all, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for taking the time from your Christmas holiday to spend time with my son Brian helping him out with his piano playing. I was very impressed by your insight and ability to identify Brian’s issues so readily, and most importantly come up with solutions to fix the physical, technical and musical issues he’s developed from years of improper position when playing piano. 

I was particularly impressed with your ability to relate these important and detailed points to the level of a 12-year old. He’s taken your recommendations to heart and I’m elated to report to you how dramatically his treatment and prognosis has changed. Since your visit, he corrected the hand position, technique, etc., has been practicing piano daily without pain. Physical therapy wise, his clinician decided he would NOT need the special hand braces which he was scheduled to receive in January. Furthermore, on January 6th he was discharged from hand therapy! To date, his hands and arms remain pain free! Next week we see the physician (hand specialist) to get the final word. 

Brian has auditioned to play at a fund raiser for school, and will be playing the Nocturne by Chopin (the one you worked on during your visit). To think that he was about to give up on Chopin altogether prior to your visit due to the pain he was having… Your visit was not only therapeutic but also inspiring to a young aspiring pianist. I think his carpal tunnel experience has been an eye opener for him. Since your visit he is taking very seriously his physical position and is aware of what to watch for. You’ve saved him a lot of future pain and agony. 

YOUR WORDS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE! As you see, we consider your visit the biggest Christmas gift to Brian and our family. We thank you deeply! 

Janine Byrne