Hélène Marchand

Val-d’Or, Québec, Canada

May 3, 2010

Greetings Ms. Golandsky 

I wish to tell you how thrilled we were about the workshop given by Mrs. Mariko Sato at the Val-d’Or Music Conservatory last january, 2010. 

I am a piano-accompanist at the music conservatory and 5 years ago, I developed tendonitis in both my forearms. The pain worsened from week to week, and I feared that this condition was the result of my work as an accompanist. I love my work and I couldn’t imagine a situation where I’d no longer be able to play, teach, or function as an accompanist. 

Another pianist happened to speak to me about « The Taubman approach » and, because of this, I began taking courses with Mariko Sato in Montreal. Later

Mariko presented me to Mrs. Mary Moran and since then, I’ve taken courses with both Mariko and Mary, when she is coming in Montreal. 

I spent two marvelously enriching weeks in Princeton during the past two summers and I hope to return there in 2 years : unfortunately, I can’t be there this summer. 

This piano method has quickly enabled me to heal and I play better, as well. I’ve also shared what I’ve learned about the technique with other pianists and music teachers of my region. 

To my great joy, the director of the Val-d’Or Music Conservatory agreed to invite Mariko to join us for a weekend workshop last january. Six piano teachers from the region participated in the session : they were all very impressed with Mariko’s superb preparation. She introduced us to the « Taubman approach » in a manner which proved to be very rewarding. First, Mariko spoke to us of her own journey, then of The Taubman method itself, its overall ideas and principles, finally, she provided us with numerous examples. 

During the afternoon session, students of the Music Conservatory presented various selections from their repertoires which Mariko was able to use in order to explain ways the Taubman approach could help them better execute their various musical selections. 

We were all thrilled with the day-long workshop, the music teachers and the students alike. However, it was a lot of information to absorb in a single day ;

It was suggested that another workshop be held to better assimilate the basic rudiments of the technic Taubman. 

A seed has been planted and it should be encouraged to grow to fruition. 

Bravo and many thanks to Mrs. Mariko Sato. 

A very special « tip-of-the-hat » to the entire team at the Golandsky Institute for its magnificent work. 

Hélène Marchand

Pianist-accompanist- piano teacher