Dr. Anders Nordenfelt

The first time I met Robert Durso was at a piano summer course given by pianist/scholar Paul Roberts at Castelfranc in France. It soon became apparent to me that Robert’s methods of teaching were of a kind I had not previously encountered. What struck me was that his instructions unfailingly produced an immediate response in terms of better sound and the sensation of less physical effort. I realized that instead of being founded on an uncritical reference to tradition, or more or less superstitious assumptions, the instructions were based on a deep knowledge and understanding of the body kinematics in relation to the piano. Later I was introduced to the work of Dorothy Taubman and The Golandsky Institute and began a more thorough study together with Robert. Although I am still at the beginning stage, the work has already resulted in substantial improvements of my playing, and I continue to be amazed by the power and precision of the theory. My motivation to pursue these studies emanates not only from a desire to play the piano but also from a curiosity to explore the full potential of what I believe to be a truly admirable piece of scientific work. I hope that it will eventually get the recognition it deserves.

Anders Nordenfelt, Gothenburgh, Sweden
PhD in Physics, Gothenburgh University
Attended the College of Music in Malmö