Alessandro d’Episcopo

Dear Ms. Golandsky,

My name is Alessandro d’Episcopo, a jazz piano player living in Lucerne, Switzerland.

For many years I have been following your excellent work about piano technique and piano playing in general. I have seen the video tapes and watched all the videos the Institute publishes on YouTube. Thank you very much for all the work the Institute is doing to bring to pianists around the world these marvelous concepts about piano technique.

Unfortunately in Europe we are lacking Taubman teachers. That’s why, some time ago, I contacted John Bloomfield with the crazy idea of starting lessons online through Skype. I’m glad such an option is available now.

I would like very much to acknowledge the work John is doing with me. He is a wonderful teacher, deep, encouraging, very clear in his explanations. I met him for a couple of lessons in New York last Christmas and am planning to have a week of lessons with him as soon as possible. Even on Skype his capacity of observation is incredible; sometimes I feel like I am in the same room with him!

What I forgot to say, is that he not only is an excellent teacher and wonderful musician, but he speaks very, very good German and teaches me in this language!

I think Skype lessons, together with, as much as possible, in-person lessons can really help people not living near a Taubman teacher. I am very happy with this experience and to have John as teacher!

Best regards,
Alessandro d’Episcopo

Lucerne, Switzerland