Professional Training Program Participants

Sadie Brightman (Lincoln, VT) mentored by Yoriko Fieleke and Mary Moran.

Jarred Dunn (Katowice, Poland; Toronto, Canada) mentored by Edna Golandsky

Robert Dvorkin (Ottawa, Canada), mentored by John Bloomfield

Cheryl Florin (Malta, NY), mentored by Mary Moran

Jeffrey Nations (Philadelphia, PA), mentored by Robert Durso

Frances Rorer (Newtown Square, PA), mentored by Robert Durso

Rachel Smith (Edinburgh, Scotland), mentored by Sophie Till and Edna Golandsky

“At long last, through the Taubman Approach, I have found the ideal means to near-effortless, directed physical mastery of keyboard technique. Each time that I watch the Taubman Technique videos I discover yet another nuance of this very elegant approach to the correct application of technique to physical and musical performance!”

Stanley G. Rockson, M.D.