Professional Training Program Participants

Sadie Brightman (Lincoln, VT), mentored by Yoriko Fieleke and Mary Moran

Robert Dvorkin (Ottawa, Canada), mentored by John Bloomfield

Cheryl Florin (Malta, NY), mentored by Mary Moran

Andrew King (Bloomfield, CT), mentored by Robert Durso

Sue Paterson-Jones (Cape Town, South Africa), mentored by Therese Milanovic and John Bloomfield

Frances Rorer (Newtown Square, PA), mentored by Robert Durso

Rachel Smith (Edinburgh, Scotland), mentored by Sophie Till and Edna Golandsky

I-wen Tseng (Baltimore, MD),  mentored by Robert Durso

“The [Taubman] movements are designed to put you in the optimum position for every note, which means that once you get past the mechanics, you have more control over the sound of every note.”

TOM LAWTON, Senior Lecturer, University of the Arts