Professional Training Program Video Series, March 2017

The Golandsky Institute is pleased to release this exclusive set of lectures, master classes, and lessons from our Professional Training Program Workshop in March 2017.

These videos offer the latest and most up-to-date teachings of the Taubman Approach. Edna Golandsky and Robert Durso work in Philadelphia with a wide variety of students on core issues in the teaching and application of the Taubman Approach. The videos offer an extraordinary amount of training and learning, and are perfect for anyone teaching or learning the Taubman Approach. They also give a very comprehensive view of actual lessons for those wanting to understand how the approach works.


Professional Training Program videos included with purchase:

  • Introductory Lecture: Learning and teaching the Taubman Work Effectively (with Robert Durso)
  • Working Sessions with Robert Durso
    • Robert Durso - Issues relating to the Basic Technique (no hand-outs)
    • Christina: Issues relating to the Basic Technique
    • Victoria: Issues relating to the Basic Technique
    • Derek: Issues relating to the Basic Technique
  • Working Sessions with Edna Golandsky
    • Alex: Chopin: Etude op.10 no.4, Rachmaninoff: Etude op.23, no.5
    • Sean: Chopin: Ballade in F op.38
    • Cheryl: Heller: op.45 no.14, Ravel: Sonatine Mvt 1, Liszt: Un Sospiro
    • Jeff: Mozart: Concerto K414, Mvt 1
    • Bob: Scale Work, Scales from Beethonve: Appassionata op.57
    • Kathleen: Mozart: Concerto in d minor K466, Mvt 1
    • Brenden: Piano Trio, Bruch, op.83 no.4
    • Beth: Chopin: Waltz, Posthumous
    • Sadie: Chopin: Etude op.10 no.5, Beethoven: op.57, Chopin: Ballade in f minor op.52
    • Barbara: Beethoven: Rage over a Lost Penny op.129, Bagatelle op.129
    • I-Wen: Liszt: La Campanella
    • Hector: Liszt: Harmonies du Soir, masterclass and leaps
    • Preston: Bolcon: The Serpent's Kiss
    • Petrina: Copland: The Cat and the Mouse

An accompanying PDF handout of musical examples is included with purchase.

These videos are only available in digital format; a special link/password will be emailed to you within 24 hours once the purchase is completed. If purchased on the weekend, a holiday, or vacation period, please wait to receive your link/password when our office is open.

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