Why I choose to attend the Golandsky Institute

As I caught up with a friend over coffee recently, she confessed to something worrying on her mind. She admitted, “I can’t understand, why does such a gifted and dedicated pianist and teacher such as yourself need to go to Princeton every year?" I was so glad she asked. There is sometimes misunderstanding over why some participants have attended Taubman Symposia for over thirty years, or why great Taubman teachers still have regular lessons. As part of my ongoing commitment with the Golandsky Institute, I am required to attend the weeklong symposium at Princeton University, and do so when possible. Regardless, I choose to go.


Neuroplasticity and Playing the Piano

Dr. Therese Milanovic discusses a part of her doctoral dissertation that deals with brain neuroplasticity and playing the piano. Learn how you can play the piano without injury at our Summer Symposium at Princeton University. Your brain will learn to think differently in order to adapt the Taubman Approach - a body of knowledge that can lead to an effortless and brilliant technique. The Taubman Approach can also prevent and cure fatigue, pain and other playing-related injuries.


Taubman Approach Benefits All

Many years ago, my grandfather, an Iowa farmer, bought a piano for a dollar at an auction and gave it to my family, because "every child should learn to play the piano."  Little did I know that this was the beginning of a fascinating journey that would span my lifetime.