Read what pianists and critics have to say about Edna Golandsky:

“I went to the 2012 Symposium hoping and wishing it would be the answer to my pain. I had an injury in my left arm that caused tingling up to my elbow and fatigue in both hands and arms. After having only one lesson with Edna Golandsky, my gut instinct was telling me that there was something here to explore with the Taubman Technique. I registered for the symposium and I can say one year later, that it probably was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life, if not the greatest. Everything about my playing has completely changed. I feel so blessed to be able to write that there is not only a solution for pain, but beyond that, there is a technique that makes me a better pianist each day."

— Veronica Greenan

“Over time, Edna helped me to cultivate a growing awareness and sensitivity that allowed me to play in a more comfortable, and consequently, a more musical way. She conveys the intricacies of the technique with an incredible attention to detail and a level of patience which I thoroughly admire, and which kept me engaged even as I was challenged by a level of sensation at the piano I was unaccustomed to."

— Aaron Jacobs

“As Golandsky lectures, she demonstrates each motion at the keyboard. Her fluency in simultaneously lecturing and demonstrating is truly virtuosic.” 

— Willa Machover

In a review of The Taubman Techniques, a five-volume lecture-video series, Piano & Keyboard, May/June 1997

“Edna Golandsky is a consummate expert of piano technique and musical artistry. The depth of her analytical ability surpasses anything I have encountered. Her work frees performers, enabling them to realize their full potential.”

— Ilya Itin, concert pianist

1st prize and special Chopin Prize, Robert Casadesus Int’l Piano Competition, 1991 Cleveland 1st prize, Contemporary Music Award and BBC TV viewers poll, Leeds Int’l Piano Competition, 1996 UK 

“Edna Golandsky is the most wonderful piano teacher I have ever worked with. Her patience and persistence clearly communicate to the student through words and demonstrations what the student most needs to hear and understand. Her amazing insight and her master classes go directly to the musical and, if necessary, technical issues at hand and enable the student to play a piece better than he/she ever thought possible. She is particularly brilliant at dealing with sound production, rhythm and musical structure.”

— Sean Duggan, concert pianist

Two-time winner of the Johann Sebastian Bach Int’l Competition (1983, 1991)
Performed the complete keyboard works of Bach eight times in eight cities in 2000
Visiting Professor of Piano, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

“I was profoundly impressed by Edna Golandsky’s deep understanding of piano technique. She is the only person I have ever met who was actually able to explain to me what I was doing naturally at the keyboard.”

— Francesco Libetta, concert pianist

Professor of Piano and Chamber Music, Conservatory Tito Schippa, Lecce, Italy
Subject of Bruno Monsaingeon’s soon-to-be-released video, Pianist of the Impossible